What is Cherishedtshirts all about??

Hey Cherished one's. So today I'm going to talk about what Cherishedtshirts are all about. It all started long ago....... No really I've always been into t-shirts and I love when it says something cool or has nice graphics. My bro and I use to make t-shirt designs back in the day. We would print and iron them on our shirts. It was a lot of fun. I also spend a lot of time talking to myself. YES I said I talk to myself just like the song "cause there is no one to talk to". I constantly have to speak life into myself. I have to remind myself that I'm strong, and can do anything. I work hard even when I don't feel like it. If I make a mistake I just can't let it go sometimes, depending on the severity. Then I'll go over and over and over it like why!!! Different life lessons teach us different things. I know it is important to keep pushing through it all no matter what! Bad days come then they go. So remember to speak positive affirmations into yourself. Remind yourself that yes I might be down now but I'm getting up. You not feeling pretty today girl bye you BEAUTIFUL everyday.

I have met people that didn't see anything good in themselves. They couldn't even list 1 positive thing about themselves. So I started filling them in on what I thought was good about them. I started reminding them to speak positive to and about themselves. I do this myself to fight negative thoughts. I then decided to wear some of my positive thoughts.

That's what moves me to make these shirts. Wear positive affirmations. I want to empower people no matter how small to think well of themselves. Negative thoughts can be so harmful. It is important to stay uplifted especially by yourself. It must come from within. I want to make positive self talk, self love a regular thing. 

Say it with me: "I love myself. I'm confident. I'm beautiful. My future is by far greater than my past."


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